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St Joseph’s school chapel in Grafton Street was opened on Friday 26th May 1868. Then, in response to the growing number of Catholics in this part of Bradford, St Joseph’s Church on Pakington Street was opened on 14th September 1887. The Church was consecrated on the 14th September 1937.



Over the years, countless thousands of Catholics have attended Mass at St Joseph’s.  At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Sisters of the Cross and Passion came to the parish to run the school. After the Second World War, many people came from different parts of Europe to settle in England. There was a large Polish Community at St Joseph’s until the 1960’s, when the Polish Church in Edmund Street was opened. At this time many new immigrants were arriving from the West Indies and became a part of the Catholic Community at St Joseph’s.



The Parish Community has responded to the many changes in our society. We see this in the composition of today’s congregation, which numbers about 600 people, born in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Philippines and the West Indies. This is a wonderful reminder of God’s loving call to all people to live in the unity and peace that is His gift.  


Sunday Mass is at the heart of the life of the Parish Community and feeds our daily life of prayer and service of others.


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